Celebrating a Century of Independence
October 22

“As they celebrate a 100 years of independent law practice, Woodburn and Wedge stakeholders, Shawn Pearson and Dane Anderson (two of the firm’s 20 lawyers) explained what it takes to be an independent law firm for a century and how they evolved and weathered the storm during some turbulent times, most recently the economic downturn of a decade ago. Pearson has been with the firm since 2000 and focuses primarily on corporate law, real property law and other commercial transactions. He recalls witnessing the full economic boom and bust cycle of the last recession. “Back in the early 2000’s up until around 2006 there was a crazy amount of work and the economy was booming. Then in 2009-2010 you could see tumbleweeds blowing through downtown and no rush hour traffic. Our firm was able to weather the storm,” said Pearson. Anderson, who practices in all areas of commercial and general civil litigation and has also been with the firm since 2000, shared, “When the economy started to shift during that time we saw many firms founded here in Nevada and across other states join regional or national firms. While there were good reasons for that trend we chose to stay independent and in the long run, we came out stronger as a firm. As an independent firm, we don’t need to seek permission from anyone to negotiate a fee or report back to a central office. We make all the decisions here in Nevada and I think there is benefit in that for our clients.”

Woodburn and Wedge is proud to be a northern Nevada firm and be able to share our history and success with our community. Please read the full feature here: Celebrating a Century of Independence